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Hey there! 

The immersion a great voice actor is able to provide a project is my drive to perform.

My name is David Guffre and I have been obsessed with voice acting since I first booted up Starcraft in 1999 and listened to some of the most immersing voice acting I had experienced at the tenured age of 9. 

And it has stuck with me through the years and inspired me on this course. 

Creating different characters and voices is something I had done before I realized this was even a profession. Now, I have made a choice to pursue capturing that feeling I had when I was younger and creating an immersive world for the listener. 


 With over 7 years of experience in the industry, I've had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and voice many characters. From warm and friendly to bold and dramatic, I have the versatility and range to capture the essence you are looking for.

 Thank you for visiting and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next project!

Send me an email or DM on social media to get ahold of me for rates or to answer any questions.


- SourceConnect 
- Adobe Audition     

- RX 10 


- TLM 102

- Audient iD4          

- WhisperRoom

Menu Music

"He captured exactly what I was looking for which was an orc sounding character. Extremely helpful and works fast.If your looking for a talented and versatile voice actor you found the right place."

Adam Kosloff

"Another stellar comedic performance--thank you again!"
"David crushed it again! Lots of funny takes, full of personality and creative interpretations of the lines..."
"Always a pleasure to work with David! Excited to find another project for him soon!"

Murka Studio

"We really like working with you. You are a very cool actor and it’s always nice to talk with you"
"Thank you, it was high quality and fast! And the Texas accent is just super!"

Some credits include:

 - OraJel - National Radio Commercial 

 - MIROWIN - Boiling Steel - Introduction Guide - VR Game 

 - Eleventh Hour Games - Lagon - Last Epoch

 - Herald Entertainment - Multiple Characters/Projects

 - Murka Studios - Various Characters - Virtual Slot Machines

 - Player Character - True Justice - Indie Game - OldSkoolGaming

 - Henry Ark - Treasure Heist - VR Game 

 - Tycho Pyron - Legend of the Ravaja  - Audio Book

 - Gene 'Bossman' / Voice Director - Star Citizen Machinima


Boiling Steel VR - Pre Beta Gameplay

Boiling Steel VR - Pre Beta Gameplay

Play Video
Last Epoch Boss Fight #5: Lagon

Last Epoch Boss Fight #5: Lagon

Play Video
Treasure Heist - Release Trailer

Treasure Heist - Release Trailer

Play Video
WINDOW MAN - Animated Horror Short

WINDOW MAN - Animated Horror Short

Play Video

Micheal tokyo

"David did a wonderful job polishing these recordings. The sound quality and David's deep voice make a great voice over for any project. Really great working with David."

Daniel Handforth

"Absolute joy to work with David on bring Alfie to life he knew exactly what I wanted and followed the directions to the point, I would recommend. Thank you David :)"

Herman Music

"Fantastic! Sounded just the way I wanted. If you're looking for a professional voice to explain your idea to your audience/clients, then I recommend David! Thank you!"

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All Rights Reserved

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